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SR Impianti is a young company that holds the tradition and expertise of Rizzato brand founded in 1962.
The brand introduces major improvements on metal sheet manufacturing sector.
It has built a selection of machines which plays folds and drawings as precise indication, SR Impianti is specialized in the design and manufacture of cutting lines, cut to length line, leveling lines (for ferrous materials and not), for laminating machines and galvanizing electrolytic machines.

Today SR Impianti is proud of its growth and becomes one of the world leaders in its field.

The quality and precision in the realization of the cutting-lines and machinery too is represented by the performance and the accuracy of production process. Customer satisfaction is our primary thought.

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Ing. Stefano Rizzato

World Area Manager
Tel. +39 348 67 26 116

Ing. Luca Zecchinato

Italy Area Manager
Tel. +39 342 31 51 729


180, Dal Bello Street 35030 Vighizzolo d'Este PD


+39 0429 3990


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